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​Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Hip hop classes can really turn your child into a well-rounded young dancer. With Art & Passion Dance Academy, LLC, you can be sure they are getting the best education and training in hip hop for your child.

Our hip hop dance instructors are well trained and very experienced. Furthermore, our dance studio is committed to providing a well rounded education, ensuring that you or your child will learn a variety of techniques. With multiple samples from many different forms of dance, we teach that all dance comes from a similar art form. With the more experience that your child gains, the more moves they will learn.

We also offer jazz classes, contemporary dance, and more to give you or your child the best knowledge of all forms of dance. Our dance school is one of the premier competitive dance studios, giving you many opportunities to take your dancing to the next level. For our class schedule and more information on our hip hop dance lessons, contact Art & Passion Dance Academy, LLC in Grand Rapids, MI today!