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Contemporary & Lyrical Dance

One of the most contemporary forms of dance in recent years combines techniques from both modern dance styles and classical styles like ballet and jazz. This form, known as lyrical dance, expresses the emotions of music with lyrics through movements and dance techniques drawn from various dance forms. With expressive choreography, a dancer performs a story in relation to the song being played, telling a story about anything from love to other subtle, poetic emotions evoked by the music. At Art & Passion Dance Academy, LLC, we offer lyrical dance classes to help you better express and get a feel for this unique style of contemporary dance.

Our dance school teaches lyrical dance as a combination of ballet and jazz techniques. The techniques we teach assist individuals in achieving a fluidity of movement while encouraging our students to express the mood of the music. All our classes are organized to advance a student's stamina and technical skill in dance, through better body placement, line, and style. Dance lessons from various other styles like jazz or ballet dancing can better lay a foundation for lyrical dance, and we take in pride in preparing you for all styles of dancing with our diverse dance classes.

When you are looking to learn how to interpret music through dance motions, lyrical dancing may be just the thing for you. Contact Art & Passion Dance Academy, LLC in Grand Rapids, MI today to learn more about the myriad of classical and contemporary dance styles we teach, from ballet to hip hop dancing and more.