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Tap Dance Lessons

The art of tap dancing originated from Irish step dancing and clog dancing. It involves high forms of musicality as well as extreme skill. Higher forms include being accompanied by music or a cappella. To start your dancer’s training off on the right foot, come to our dance studio for our tap classes!

It’s important for young dancers to learn a little bit of each form of dance in order to earn a well-rounded education. Considering a lot of dance flows together as an art form, it’s good to have discipline in each moves. We offer multiple different types of classes including jazz classes, ballet lessons, and specialties in musical theater. Our dance lessons are ones that will give you or your child newfound knowledge and skills for their pursuit in dancing.

We’re here to create a family with all of our dancers. For more information on our tap dance lessons, contact Art & Passion Dance Academy, LLC in Grand Rapids, MI today for our youth and adult dance classes!